Reveal Tease

When Jordon’s cousin Tyler gets into a “Can You Top This” with Annese, pride is on the line. Annese blurts out that she’s been to another world, then she proves it. While trying to get to the king, the pair meet Odessa. Trouble happens quickly, however, when the trio fall down a sink hole!

Once again, Jordon and Jeremy must come to the rescue – underground! Not only that, they’re given an assignment from the king to complete as well. On their way, something or someone is stalking them. They can feel it. But who is it and from where? To make matters worse, they can’t get back to the surface the same way they came down.

Welcome back to the strange and action-packed land of Asteria. Join the boys as they run into new enemies, strange beings, make some friends, and get in and out of some really tight jams.