cover for Rescuing Deavereaux

rescuing deavereaux

   Jordon, Jeremy, and Tyler are stunned when a blue boy with antennae stumbles down Jordon’s stairs and claims to be Maliik Deavereaux, the son of the man who owns Jordon’s house.  Maliik explains his father is being held prisoner by a tyrant.  He’s been sent to find some items from the lab, but he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing!


   The boys and Annese jump into action to help Maliik save his father, but the adventure quickly becomes a bigger challenge.  Maliik’s family is in danger.  His father is being tortured.  His sister has been added to the prisoner list.  The items they need aren’t just the ones from the lab; they’re spread out all over the continent!  It’s life or death as the team searches, often finding themselves up against thieves, monsters, dragons, and their biggest threat – Sventaug! 


   Can they rescue Mr. Deavereaux before he dies?  Better question: can they make it home alive?


“I like how the group grew and became better friends and increased their skills.  I loved the lore about the dragons and the kings.  This book is just amazing!” – Chris L.

“This book is awesome!  I didn’t want to put it down!  So much happened.  I can’t wait for Book 4!” – Rosemary M.

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