asteria: the discovery

Asteria: The Discovery

   When Jordon and Jeremy find a journal in a hidden laboratory below Jordon’s house, the adventure is just beginning. Following a map, the boys and Jeremy’s sister Annese explore abandoned caves that lead to another world; but the discovery turns desperate when Annese is kidnapped by a gigantic bird. Jordon and Jeremy have no choice but to figure out how to rescue her. Along the way, they find their faces in a book of prophecies. This new realm apparently had other plans for them.


   Could they really be the heroes of this prophecy? How were they going to find Annese? When were they going to get home? What were they going to find in this strange land? Join Jordon and Jeremy in this lively, fantasy adventure as they meet new people, make new enemies, escape traps, and learn they are capable of much more than they thought.

annese does it again

Annese Does It Again Cover

   Pride is on the line when Tyler, Jordon’s cousin, calls Annese a liar. After all, no one can go to another world! Instead, Annese proves it by taking Tyler to Asteria.  But when the two youngsters and their new friend Odessa fall into a sinkhole, Jordon and Jeremy must come to the rescue—underground!  It’s harder than they think.  The transport pads that go between the islands don’t line up, and the enemies down here are almost worse than on the surface. During the rescue attempt, the boys think someone or something is stalking them. They can feel it. But who is it and from where? To make matters worse, they can’t get back to the surface the same way they came down.


    Welcome back to the strange and action-packed land of Asteria. Join the boys and their companions as they run into strange beings, make some friends, and get in and out of some really tight jams; all while trying to rescue a couple of 10-year-olds.