As every educator knows, along with being able to read comes comprehension.  Below are some ideas to help with the never-ending job of finding ways for your students/attendees to show their comprehension while having fun.  All the activities can be tailored for small or large groups or homeschool learning.  You can download the complete set of activities as a zip file here.

Word Search Puzzle


This standard word search puzzle is generally a good single-person page with 29 words hidden within.


You can download the sheet and the answer key here as a pdf.



Continuing with the classic worksheet, this crossword puzzle gives hints to people and places within the land of Asteria.  Download the pdf with the answer key here.



This maze isn’t as easy as it seems.  Follow the path going through the things the boys needed to complete their quest and avoid the pitfalls.  

Download the pdf of the maze and answer key here.

Asterian Bingo

This is a bit of a switch from the standard Bingo.  In the instructions is a word list.  Give the list to each student.  They pick 24 words from the list and write them on the card in whichever box they want. 

The teacher/parent/librarian also has the words cut down to word strips, which he/she folds and places in a container of some kind.  Just like regular Bingo, you pull the words out one at a time.  Options include 5-in-a-row, four corners, and entire board.

Download the PDF here.

Each of the cards below can be downloaded by clicking on the picture, click the arrow in the upper right, then select “download image.”  They are all included in the zip file as well.


24 questions to get students sharing their opinions, decisions, and generally talking about the events in Asteria: The Discovery.

Download the PDF here.