Dragon by Sarah Mathews

New Jersey is where I was born and raised, but I have lived in four other states across the country.  Must admit, though, I really miss the ocean.  I am the mother of four – three sons and an “adopted” daughter who have blessed me with four grandchildren with one on the way.  Like many  people, our pets – a cat and a dog (see below) – rule our house.

I graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho in December 2019 with a Bachelor’s in web design. My son Jordon (left in grad photo) graduated from the same school at the same time (different degree).  My son Tyler (in green) graduated at the same time from the local community college. Due to Covid cancelling our graduations, we had our ceremony together. As you can see by Tyler’s pose (center), we enjoy goofing around.

I have a vivid imagination and love to weave adventures. The more outlandish the adventure, the better I like it.  Much of my story-crafting ability has been put to good use creating Dungeons and Dragons quests for my children and their friends.  Can’t wait to get the grandkids into it!

I started writing at thirteen as a way to cope with life’s stress. An author I adored reading when I was young once told me, wisely, “Never stop learning. It will continue to open doors.” Since then, I have continued to learn about many topics, none of which I’m an expert in. Writing is a subject that a person continually learns more, and I continue to hone my skills. I enjoy encouraging others to write their stories and explore their imaginations.

Their Majesties

As I mentioned above, we have two rulers in the house that often oppose each other.  Cleo is on the left, Roxy is on the right. Don’t think for a minute that I run the house. These two do.

Other Passtimes

Reading is a continual passtime with my favorite genres being fantasy (go figure) and sci-fi. It’s really rare if I don’t have a book on me somewhere.  I dabble in art, photography, and computers. I also enjoy cake decorating and collecting vinyl and porcelain dolls. I recently took up 3D printing. (Note: I copied the rogue. She’s not an original of mine.)

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