halloween fun

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; second only to Christmas.  It’s the time of year that is so much fun!  Not because of spooky, scary things, but because it’s the universal Cos-Play!  I love watching all the kids (and adults) dressed up in their costumes.  Fairies, super heroes, princesses, knights, show characters, hobos, robots, cars, animals – you name it!  There’s a costume for it.  Some are store bought, some are homemade.  It doesn’t matter. They’re all fun!  My grandchildren use their costumes all year long; playing dress up and acting out (their idea) scenes of what they think their character would do.  It’s so much fun watching Mario interact with Mr. Potato Head!

Annese Does It Again Cover


With monsters being the season, it’s the perfect time to release Asteria: Annese Does It Again!  The adventure falls right in with the time of year.  The adventure brings danger, monsters, traps, and tension to the forefront of the season.  Annese Does It Again will be released October 30th on Amazon and Ingram Spark.  Be sure to ask your local bookstore to order a copy for you.

Want some activities to go along with the story?   Check out the Educator page on my website.

Keep an eye on my website, janmhill.com, for all the latest news about Asteria.  We’ll have a new trailer up soon for Annese Does It Again.