Milky Way Galaxy

    As almost everyone has heard by now, Billionaire Richard Branson held his first test flight of his space plane this week.  The trip was a huge success with the plane taking off, separating from its flight engines, rocketing to the space/atmosphere line, and landing back in the New Mexico desert.  This flight showed them the earth from a spacial view as well let them experience weightlessness.  While it is a great accomplishment, years in the making, it only shows a small amount of the Milky Way Galaxy that we belong to.  

     What is it about space that sparks human imagination?  Going all the way back to 1609, with Galileo’s telescope, outer space has fascinated man.  We have entire organizations that study it.  For instance, the US organized National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA)  in 1958.  We know about solar systems, like ours, and galaxies, like Andromeda.  The War of the Worlds, a 1938 radio drama, sparked huge panic with the concept that aliens from another planet were invading Earth.  However, for most people our space knowledge comes from what we learn in school, which is minimal.  

Andromeda Galaxy

     TV took off on this topic.  Star Trek, the 1966-69 series, inspired fans and inventors alike.  Klingons, Vulcans, and Romulans suddenly became famous as well as many other extraterrestrials that were represented.  Even when the series ended, the ideas continued in movies, books, and other TV shows.  Reality:  The human race wants to meet aliens from other planets!  Did you know there are over 100 billion planets in our galaxy alone!  Discover magazine reported the Hubble telescope has helped to view around 100 billion galaxies in the universe.  And reports there are as many as 40 billion Earth-like planets orbiting other suns in other galaxies!  Who’s to say there aren’t other planets inhabited by other Earthlings?

     The human race takes it even further in writing, cosplays, and videos.  For example, Dr. Who has become the epitome (author’s opinion) of space and time travel.  He meets humans in different time periods, aliens on different planets, people that look and act human, but aren’t, and many other creatures (Daleks, for example) that are both aggressive and friendly.  Go to any cosplay meeting and there will be at least one person dressed as Dr. Who (pick a season).  And we, as creators, have the tendancy to put human personalities into these alien creatures.  Some of the instruments created by the writers have led into common tools we use now, like cell phones (yes, inspired by the communicators on Star Trek).  I read somewhere that the medical field is trying to reproduce Dr. Crusher’s little diagnostic tool.

     Whether or not we believe in aliens, we have to agree the concept makes for some great science fiction. Much like fantasy, space is a never-ending resource for the imagination.

     What’s your take on the space race?  Do we belong in space?  Do you believe in aliens?  Would you be willing to pay $250,000 for a trip into space on Branson’s space plane?  Or do you like to keep your feet on the ground?  As much as I love learning about our universe, I’ll keep my space exploration in between the cover of a book.


The Secret of the Realms



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